Tired of piano lessons that Bore you to tears?

At Satter Music, we teach methods to make learning piano fun and efficient. Because music is too important to be boring.

What Typical Piano Teachers Get Wrong

Have you ever taken a class and absolutely loved it? How about a class that bored you to death? What really makes the difference anyways?

It all comes down to the instructor’s ability to teach in a way that inspires the student to learn more. Learning can be so infectious. 

The reason why so many students give up on learning piano are many. The top three reasons I’ve noticed in my career include: 

1) Teachers fail to find songs that inspire them.

2) Teachers fail to find ways to practice that are fun.

3) Teachers fail to find an instructor who can put it all together.

Hi, I'm Don - Owner of Satterfield Music

After a lifetime of performing and playing on the road in big cities and small towns, nearly every style and genre of music – I knew there was something “more” I wanted to do. 

That’s when I entered the teaching profession – it’s been a true joy to inspire the love of music in my students. One thing I’ve noticed time and time again though is this:

Students need methods and strategies to practice smarter rather than harder. So many of my current studio is filled with adult students who stopped playing piano because they weren’t making progress – they were stuck!

I help students get “unstuck” so they can enjoy playing piano for a lifetime, not just for a few years only to give up forever.


I've had the privledge of seeing so many of my students go on to win piano competitions. They inspire me everyday with their creativity and dedication.

"Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends."

Why Choose Satterfield Music?

Proven Methodology for Learning Piano

Students should never leave a lesson without knowing exactly how to practice their assigned pieces. Expectations and goals are coming for the coming week, which students actually appreciate.

Piano Expertise From a Professional

Students rarely make progress without an instructor who has have deep expertise. My understanding of music and my experience as a professional musician and educator gives me a great understanding of how to perceive, analyze and improve each student’s interests, gifts and strengths. - I am committed to educational excellence.

Flexible & Convenient Times for Lesons

I offer classes throughout the week from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM as well as weekends. I'm also available for online lessons if you're not in the Denver area.

Affordable Rates

As opposed to bigger schools with a lot of overhead, I operate within my residence in Denver, CO which means I can charge more affordable rates for those who want to save a little money.

How to Get Started

Ready to explore the wonderful of playing piano with Satterfield Music? See the four steps below to get started.


Contact Me

The easiest way to reach me is by phone: 720-593-4492 or by contacting me directly here.

Learn Your Goals

Whether you want to practice for your church or learn a particular song - I'd love to hear what get you jazzed about piano.

Book a Lesson

After learning your goals, we'll set up a time to meet at my residence in South Denver, CO.

Ready To Make Piano Fun Again?

Get in touch! We'd love to help you learn new songs, find joy in your practice, and achieve whatever level of mastery you desire.