Hi, I’m Don

Hey! I'm Don. I'm a professional piano teacher, composer, solo performer, and accompanist with a lifetime of experience in the music industry. My passion is helping students of any age tap into their true potential and talents through music.

"If each person has natural gifts and innate talents, then the true nature of education must involve awakening, inviting, and blessing of the inner genius and unique life spirit of each young person."

Qualification and teaching methodology


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My experience is in four categories: Solo Performer, Teacher, Accompanist, and Composer. As a solo performer I have played in venues throughout the united states, and have been a soloist with symphonies. I teach piano at every level, and my students often win or place in local festivals and competitions. I have accompanied a wide array of different soloists, and have toured extensively as part of the Sonos Trio (based out of Seattle Washington) as well as toured as an accompanist for instrumentalists on national tours. I was also the rehearsal accompanist for the Seattle symphony under Gerard Schwarz. My compositions have been
used for several musicals and I have composed for large choirs and have my works performed by many soloist in churches, clubs and events. I often play in restaurants and churches throughout the Denver area.


I specialize in practice strategies, and learning how to play musically. I regard every piece of music as a puzzle. About 30 percent of a song’s challenges can be analyzed before one starts practicing. It’s all about finding the patterns in music, then applying various practice methods to each pattern. No student will leave their lesson without knowing how to
practice their piece efficiently and what the expectation is for their next lesson. It is crucial that
each student learn how to incorporate piano practice into the other aspects of their lives. There
are so many people out there who want to learn how to play piano, but somehow got stuck or too busy. My job is to empower each student so that they will eventually have a large repertoire of music, and can play and learn music without a teacher’s weekly guidance.

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